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We are a target-shooting club in Lincolnshire, catering for .22 rimfire, air rifle and air pistol.  The idea behind our sport is to use a gun to punch holes in a piece of paper very, very precisely.

Members shoot in competitions for air pistol, sporting rifle (including air rifle), and benchrest as well as those for pure target rifles.  We can accommodate visually impaired shooters and wheelchair users.

We shoot air pistol  and air rifle at ten metres and twenty yards, sporting rifle and benchrest at twenty yards and fifty metres, target rifle at twenty yards, fifty metres and one hundred yards.

Currently our most popular discipline is sporting rifle at twenty yards, but if you are interested in another style of shooting we will find a competition to suit you (you may have gathered that we are a pretty competitive club).

If you are a beginner, you will be taught the safe handling and accurate shooting of rifles and pistols on our indoor range, using club guns. There will always be somebody present to coach you and to answer any questions you may have, although there is no guarantee that you will get the same answer if you ask the same question twice; a lot of things in shooting are a matter of (strong) opinion.

The club meets three times a week:

Sunday            09.30 - 12.00

Tuesday          19.30 - 22.00

Wednesday    19.30 - 22.00

Pages to look at


This describes the types of shooting you can do on our ranges.


This one is important. It covers some of the basic safety rules, which must always be obeyed.


This covers the process of joining the club. If you want to after seeing us.

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