Gainsborough Rifle & Pistol Club

Shooting has an excellent safety record (much better than football), because the dangers are recognized and safety is regarded as being of paramount importance.

A breach of safety rules is, at best, a quick way of leaving the club.


A gun is only safe if it is unloaded and can be seen to be unloaded and unable to fire.

Rifles and Pistols: BREECH OPEN AND FLAGGED, MAGAZINE (if any) OUT.

Except when on the firing point and ready to shoot all guns must be safe or must be kept in a closed case.


These rules apply to air rifles and pistols as well as to cartridge rifles.

There are other rules covering how you behave on the ranges and so on, but at least if you follow the general rules nobody will get hurt!


Safe Gun01.jpgSafe Gun02.jpgSafe Gun03.jpg

A safe rifle

A safe pistol

Another safe pistol