Gainsborough Rifle & Pistol Club

Another very accurate style of shooting. You may rest the forend of the rifle (air or cartridge), but neither hand may be in advance of the trigger guard. It’s a lot harder than it looks.


We shoot air pistol and precision air rifle on this ten metre range. It has automatic target changers. It is also used for shooting with VI equipment (see below).

Air Range

This is used for air guns only. They can be shot at varying ranges, to zero a rifle or to practice for hunter field target competitions or just for fun.

Practice Range

Instead of a visual sight, there is one that gives an audible tone that varies according to how near the centre of the target you are. The sighted should try it - it will increase their respect.

Visually Impaired Shooting

The types of shooting we do:

Shot with small-bore rifles and all sorts of artificial aids, but not telescopic sights. Difficult but phenomenally accurate. Shot at twenty yards (indoors), fifty metres and one hundred yards (outdoors).

Prone Rifle

Shot with air or cartridge rifle with few artificial aids except a telescopic sight. Shot at twenty yards and fifty metres. Shooting is free standing and unsupported.

Sporting Rifle

Prone Full Size.jpgSport 50m Full Size.jpgAir Full Size.jpgBenchrest Full Size.jpgVI Full Size.jpgPlinking High01.jpg