Gainsborough Rifle & Pistol Club

Joining is not just a matter of turning up and paying a subscription! This is because all our members have access to firearms. So the process is a bit formal. It goes like this:

You are welcome to attend a few sessions as a visitor (signing in as such) and you can even try out an air rifle or pistol, under supervision.

After we have looked each other over, you can apply for membership on the appropriate form, which you hand to the secretary. We do ask you to give us the names and addresses of two references.

The secretary will write to the references and will send a copy of the form to the police. If the references are favourable and the police have no objection, the committee will approve your probationary membership. Note that the committee might ask you to supplement the references with a subject access report from the police.

There is a joining fee of fifteen pounds, due on acceptance.

The probationary period lasts for six months in all cases. At the end of that time the committee will reconsider your membership. If you have turned up reasonably regularly without doing anything too silly, the committee will approve your full membership. At this point you will be expected to pay a proportionate amount of the annual subscription to cover your membership for the rest of the year. If the subscription is sixty-six pounds (2019 amount), and you become a full member in June, you will have to pay thirty-three pounds.

As a full member, you are eligible to apply for a firearms certificate (FAC). If you do, the club can provide help, advice and support.

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Joining the Club


Can I legally own or handle firearms (applies to everyone)?  Click here for details.

Do I want to join this club?

Have I filled in my application legibly?

Have my references agreed to act as such?

Is there anything else I need to know?

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